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Ziva Leaving Ncis


Ziva Leaving Ncis, With actress Cote de Pablo leaving “NCIS” at the beginning of next season, fans of the hit drama are wondering what’s going to happen to her character, Ziva David? And what will happen to her relationship with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly)?

At the end of Season 10, Ziva and the other agents had resigned and a four-month time jump occurred. Showrunner Gary Glasberg told TV Line that he was “very, very surprised” by de Pablo’s departure. Especially since the writers had big plans for Ziva.

“The Ziva story sort of intertwines with where we left Gibbs off at the end of the season, with the sniper rifle,” he said.

“Cote/Ziva plays very prominently in the second one. There’s a really significant Tony/Ziva payoff – everything I hope the Tiva fans have been waiting for.”

De Pablo will be on hand to wrap up that storyline, but many fans are worried that the “NCIS” Powers That Be intend to kill off her character.

Don’t Kill off Ziva! The fans have gone through enough already. Let Ziva leave on a good note. No death no heartbreak or confusion @NCIS_CBS

– Sam #CotesArmy (@NCISTiva4Ever) July 29, 2013
But don’t worry just yet, Ziva fans! A new logline for Season 11 drops a few hints:

Former Mossad agent turned NCIS Special Agent Ziva David leaves the team in an emotional episode. Several unexpected twists will occur related to the personal lives of Palmer, McGee and Vance, and the team will face one of the most dangerous adversary’s they’ve ever encountered. Also, this season the series will mark its 250th episode.

And Glasberg teased that Ziva makes a “decision” that is “exciting” and “romantic.” Getting killed off isn’t really either, so that means Ziva’s exit isn’t the permanent, RIP kind, right?

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