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Yosemite Fire


Yosemite Fire, Forest fires near two of the nation’s most popular national parks have forced evacuations and closed roads. A large fire near Yosemite National Park in Northern California was only 5% contained Wednesday morning. Four fires burning in the Wyoming part of Yellowstone National Park have closed several roads into the park.

They’re among 40 forest fires in the West.

Near Yosemite, hundreds of people were evacuated from camps and towns as the Rim fire reached 16,000 acres.The fire spread across Highway 120, a major road in the area leading to Yosemite National Park. The fire was only 5% contained, according to the National Park Service.

The fire forced the evacuation of at least three Sierra camps run by cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco’s Camp Mather was hosting a camp for senior citizens when the fast-growing fire caused officials to take people out by bus Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Berkeley’s Tuolumne Camp and San Jose’s Family Camp were also evacuated Tuesday.

Firefighters and equipment are streaming into Yellowstone National Park to fight three active fires there, said Al Nash, park spokesman. “They’re setting themselves up so that should the fire advance, they’ll be in position to protect people and roadways,” he said. At least 150 firefighters were there and more on the way.

The largest of the three is the Alum fire, which has reached 7,500 acres. It is burning southwest of Yellowstone Lake and is near enough to the boardwalk through the Mud Walk Thermal Area that park officials have stationed fire crews nearby, Nash said. They’re also stationed near the Fishing Bridge Lake and the Bridge Bay areas.

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