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WWE Battleground


WWE Battleground, Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are LIVE from the First Niagara Centre in Buffalo, New York which has now become WWE’s first ever Battleground!

As usual we have the triple threat trifecta of Michael Cole, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and JBL talking us through tonight’s action.

Will Daniel Bryan reclaim his WWE Championship gold? Will CM Punk get revenge on Ryback and Paul Heyman? And how long before JBL says “And it’s all legal!” in the World Heavyweight Championship Hardcore match?

The competitors are ready to go Over the Limit. Let the Battle commence!

World Heavyweight Championship – Battleground Hardcore Rules Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam with Ricardo Rodriguez

Very cool start to the proceedings tonight: we’re getting taken to the extreme in the very first bout.

Around thirty seconds into the match RVD performs a nice vertical moonsault off the guard rail on the outside and quickly follows it with a tornado DDT onto a chair.

ADR tries to take control with some chair shottery but Van Dam powers back and brings a ladder into the game.

More RVD ladder work, but ADR reverses Mr Monday Night’s offence and starts again to turn on the viciousness by introducing the trash can to the proceedings. Del Rio then does what I hate: He goes up top with the trash can, but doesn’t make any attempt to use it offensively and of course Van Dam drop kicks it into the falling Mexican’s guts.

RVD hits a brilliant moonsault onto the supine, ladder laden Del Rio and continues to take control, but misses with a Rolling Thunder attempt.

Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker, but Ricardo Rodriguez breaks it up with a (RVD emblazoned) bucket!

Robbie V ends the resulting melee on the outside with a ladder baseball slide and hits a Five Star Frog Splash on Alberto Del Rio from the apron.

Back in the ring, with Del Rio in the corner, RVD misses with a huge Van Terminator attempt.

ADR takes an ultimate advantage with a chair combo: First a nasty drop toe hold, then a sickening side kick and finally wrapping Van Dam’s arm in the chair locking in a Chair Cross Armbreaker for the win.

Winner and still Champion: Alberto Del Rio

What a wonderfully violent way to kick off the show tonight. RVD brought the creative chaos and Alberto Del Rio showed he can be extreme-ly brutal with his usual brand of rough technical brawling.

A great start.

Santino Marella & The Great Khali vs. The Real Americans – Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro

How is this happening? Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow are relegated to the pre-show but The Great (Ironic?) Khali, Hornswoggle and Santino are on the main card!

After a few quick early exchanges of clotheslines, Santino brings out The Cobra early and, of course, Jack Swagger leaves the ring in terror.

The Real Americans take control. A great Swagger Bomb and a seriously cool leap over stamp from Cesaro puts Uncle Zeb’s posse in the driving seat.

Santino tags in Khali and the huge Indian slowly beats down on Antonio Cesaro with precisely zero wrestling moves. There is some justice in the world as the Swiss supremo hits an awesome Cesaro Big Swing on the massive Punjab for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

It’s pretty tragic that Khali and Santino are allowed anywhere near a PPV, let alone their pathetic little mascot Hornswoggle. Cesaro and Swagger deserve to be tag title contenders not this kind of insult. It was half worth it just to see Antonio swing the cumbersome Khali around like a toy for the win.

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