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Wrecking Ball Video


Wrecking Ball Video, About ‘Wrecking Ball’ Miley Cyrus says, ‘If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record.’
What VMA performance?

Now all the attention has instead gone to Miley Cyrus’s newly released “Wrecking Ball” music video in which she’s seen in the buff swinging on none other than a wrecking ball.

Despite the video breaking VEVO records for the most views in 24 hours, the 20-year-old singer is playing coy about wearing, well, nothing.

“I think the video is much more [than that],” she said on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday. “If people get past the point I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds.”

Miley Cyrus says, ‘you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds.’
More than 19 million viewers watched a heart wrenched Cyrus lay it all out but it was hard not to notice the overtly sexual innuendos interwoven in the video’s scenario.

Still, she insisted it’s about more than crying in her birthday suit.

“The song is a pop ballad that everyone can relate to; everyone has felt that feeling at some point,” she added. “If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable.”

But Cyrus leaves nothing to the imagination as she erotically licks a sledgehammer and grinds against the large chain holding the wrecking ball.

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