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Woman Sleep Swimming


Woman Sleep Swimming, A woman found sleep swimming in a river is suffering from hypothermia. The Burley, Idaho resident has sleep walked in the past, and this is the second time she has been found sleep swimming, according to an August 22 Times-News report.

What an incredibly strange situation for this 31-year-old mother and her family to endure. The latest incident was her third episode in the past five weeks. Thankfully, her husband alerted police at 2:25 a.m. on Tuesday, and police located her about a quarter mile away from her house on the banks of Snake River.

This is a scary situation too because soon the temperatures will drop, and the sleep swimming woman will be at even more risk of hurting herself. She is already suffering hypothermia from her August nighttime sleep outing.

Do you or someone you know sleep walk? If so, have you ever heard of swimming in your sleep? Also, if you have dealt with these nighttime outings, what did you do to stay safe? What could this sleep swimming woman do to stay safe? Perhaps her family will have to put alarms on the doors, so that others in the household wake up when she attempts to slip out.

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