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Woman loses 222 pounds


Woman loses 222 pounds, Aimee Smith of Janesville, Wis., knew she was big, but since her scale only registered 300 pounds, she didn’t realize how big. She finally weighed herself one day and was shocked to see the real number — 427 pounds.

“My knees hurt, my back hurt. I had high blood pressure. I was pre-diabetic. I was going down a bad path,” she says. “I’m sure carrying around 400 pounds wasn’t doing my health any favors.”

That was a little over two years ago. Since then she’s had gastric bypass surgery, completely overhauled her lifestyle and lost more than 200 pounds — half her body weight. Now she competes in triathlons and runs 10Ks. She’s training for the Wisconsin marathon this upcoming May. Eventually, she’d like to do an Iron Man triathlon.

“In high school I probably would have been voted least likely to do something athletic if there was such an award,” she says with a laugh. “I’ve lost so much weight that when I went back for my 25th reunion recently, no one recognized me. They thought my husband was the one who was in their class!”

Smith, 44, has some sage advice for anyone contemplating a similar weight-loss journey.

“You’ve got to change your relationship with food. Start thinking of it as fuel rather than a friend you can rush to whenever you’re having an emotional problem,” she says.

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