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Winslet’s Husband Fights Tabloids


Winslet’s Husband Fights Tabloids, Lawyers for RocknRoll, whose birth name was Abel Smith, are seeking a permanent injunction and claim that releasing the 2010 pictures, which show him “partly naked,” would mark an invasion of his privacy. The tabloid, The Sun, reported that RocknRoll had sought legal action after it had contacted him for comment about the photos. The UK newspaper The Guardian said RocknRoll obtained an emergency interim injunction last week after The Sun sought comment from Winslet’s publicist about the pictures.

According to The Guardian, RocknRoll’s lawyer, David Sherborne, told a UK court on Monday, January 7, that the pictures show his client “partly naked as part of some silly schoolboy antics at this fancy dress party” with an “outrageous” theme.”

“It is embarrassing because of what you can see in these pictures,” the newspaper quoted the lawyer as saying, adding that publishing the snaps would cause distress to RocknRoll and “considerable embarrassment and humiliation” for Winslet and her children, who would face bullying and taunting if they were made public.”

“This application is not to hide some guilty secret, as I said in the interim hearing. It is not to keep something secret,” Sherborne said. “The claimant is here because the defendant seeks to invade his privacy.”

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