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Where Is The Police Academy Cast Now?


Where Is The Police Academy Cast Now?, The 80s was a strange time. Things that were rubbish were inexplicably popular, from Dusty Bin and BlockBusters to just about anything made by Stock, Aiken & Waterman.

Another example was the Police Academy films. During the height of its popularity the franchise also spawned both a live action and a cartoon series for TV, but the last feature film, Police Academy: Mission To Moscow was made in 1994. Since then the cast have all pretty much faded our of the fame radar.

Anyhoo, we loved them back in the day. They were the most lovable bunch of misfits ever to don cops’ uniforms, from the wise cracking Mahoney to Zed – the lunatic with the stupid voice. Honestly they were absolutely ‘hilarious’. But where are they now?

Officer Mahoney – Steve Guttenberg (films 1-4)
The hero of the first four films, Mahoney was the definitive ladies man. Handsome, charming and cheeky, he was essentially a wise ass. He was played by the charming and cheeky Steve Guttenberg, and this film franchise made him one of the most bankable stars of the 80s.

He first rose to fame appearing in the film Diner in 1982, and also enjoyed huge success with a load of old guys in Cocoon in ’85, then the following year in Short Circuit , alongside an irritating robot (basically an animatronic Jar Jar Binks) and then in ’87 in Three Men & A Baby, with Tom Selleck and Ted Danson.

Guttenberg wisely left the series in ’87after the third sequel (Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol), although perhaps that was already three films too late.

The 90s saw his star power begin to fade and appearing in films with titles like P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, couldn’t have helped. Most recently he has been appearing in several TV series such as Veronica Mars, while popping up in bargain basement family fare, like 2005’s Meet The Santas. Oh dear.

Guttenberg was recently seen in his panto debut playing Baron Hard Up in Cinderella at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley over the Christmas 2008 period – bet he’s glad he got out of the Police Academy films now…

Officer Zed – Bobcat Goldthwait (films 2, 3 and 4)
Zed appeared as a hardened lunatic gang member in the first sequel (Their First Assignment), before being recruited to join the academy in 3 and 4 (Back In Training and Citizens On Patrol, respectively). He was apparently hilarious because he spoke in a weird way.

Goldthwait is a successful stand up comedian who has made a living out of his bizarre voice. Today he mainly makes a living doing voice work in cartoons, from Duckman and The Moxy Show to Disney’s Hercules, the Buzz Lightyear TV series and Lilo & Stitch.

Interestingly, he was a close friend of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

More recently he has gone on to direct extremely left-field black comedies, such as Stay, about a girl who admits to giving a dog a blowjob, and World’s Greatest Dad, with Robin Williams playing, according to Empire film website, “a poetry teacher who covers up his son’s death in a freak masturbation accident by faking a suicide journal that becomes a literary phenomenon”. We told you it was left-field…

Officer Jones – Michael Winslow (every damn thing to do with Police Academy)
Winslow’s character of Sgt Jones is the only character to appear in all the installments of Police Academy, including all seven movies, the cartoon, and the TV series.

Essentially Mahoney’s mate, Jones was able to make a range of realistic sound effects using only his mouth. Jones also did martial arts, while pretending to be speaking as if he was Chinese but dubbed into English. Classic.

Winslow was hired because he could actually do those noises for real, and apart from smaller roles in movies and TV, he has been touring for a little while as a stand-up comedian, displaying some of his vocal prowess as the “Man of 10,000 Sound Effects”.

In 2010 it was announced that Winslow would be performing his stand up in london as part of E4 Udderbelly at the Southbank Centre during the summer.

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