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When Does Season 6 Of Sons Of Anarchy Start?


When Does Season 6 Of Sons Of Anarchy Start?, The “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 premiere on September 11, 2013 may seem far away — because it is — but a new interview with Kurt Sutter should tide you over. The bombastic, semi-infamous loudmouth/”Sons of Anarchy” creator recently sat down with Deadline to discuss the show’s shot at a season 5 Emmy — but the conversation quickly veered to subjects more interesting to the rest of us.

The “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 premiere is going to bring big changes for the show, although that’s hardly surprising. “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 had some big changes, like the now-open VP slot (leaks confirm it’s going to Chibs) and the arrests of Clay and Tara — one justified, one not.

But the shocking death of Opie being the biggest one, even though it was early in the season. As Sutter admits, it was one of the tougher, but most necessary, decisions that had to be made on the show:

It was brutal, man, just brutal. As that character developed, as that actor took him down that road, made those decisions and gave those performances, I just got to the place and realized over the hiatus between Seasons Four and Five that, ‘Oh man, there’s no place left to go with this guy. He’s done.’ And then the light bulb goes on. The one that says ‘Oh, that’s the inciting event that’s going to bring my hero into our last act.’

The general craziness that followed Opie’s death will subside a little with the arrival of the “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 premiere. Sutter has already promised more T&A and less violence in the new season — “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 was something of an outlier in terms of how much it ratcheted up the violence. In part, season 6 will settle down because Jax will settle down a bit — at least by “Sons of Anarchy” standards. Sutter spoke to Deadline about Jax’s emotional arc in “Sons of Anarchy” season 6:

One of the driving forces for what Jax will do, and his desire to stay plugged into the club and take the right road, is that he feels the burden and the guilt of Opie’s death and is not going to let that be in vain. It will be Opie saying, ‘You need to finish this ride.’ That will motivate him to do certain things so that A, Opie’s death isn’t in vain, and B, we feel Opie’s presence throughout Season Six.

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