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Werner Bock & Aliens


Werner Bock & Aliens, A cattle farmer from the Petitcodiac area is facing a charge for failing to give his cows adequate medical attention but he argues there is a conspiracy against him that involves heat rays harming his animals. Werner Bock is charged with failing to give his cows adequate medical attention but he told a Moncton provincial court on Monday that someone is after him and his animals. Bock accuses the RCMP and veterinarians of ignoring what’s happening on his eastern New Brunswick farm.

He said he’s lost up to 200 animals in the last 10 years and he’s posted a video on the internet where he claims to expose the mystery. The farmer says heat rays are to blame for his cows’ deaths. Bock goes on to say the authorities are refusing to take him seriously about the heat rays. “This was covered up by the veterinarians and then it was covered up by the RCMP,” he said in a video.

The video also shows pictures of thin cows that are losing their hair. In a pre-trial meeting on Monday, Bock tried to subpoena three provincial veterinarians and three RCMP officers to testify. Provincial Court Judge Jolene Richard noted two of the individuals will already be testifying. But they will be testifying against Bock as witnesses for the prosecution.

As for the others, the judge said she wasn’t sure how relevant they would be to the trial. Bock wants to call a veterinarian who found no evidence of burns on his cows. He also wants to call a police officer he says assured him there were no aliens flying over his farm.

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One Response to "Werner Bock & Aliens"

  1. Werner Bock says:

    Oh MY, OhMy. I wonder how many fruitcakes are among the journalistic “Profession”, and how much bs they are feeding to a braindead audience. Google: Werner Bock Ordeal, 75 min documentary in four parts, no nonsense, just downtoearth science, watch it and weep how you have been taken for a ride by a bunch of liars., and most of you swallowed it hook line and sinker. There must be something to the book be mrs Charlotte Iserbyte, “The Dumbing Down Of America” I never blamed UFOs And Aliens for the killing and maiming of my animals, just a bunch of local creeps, who have been all along protected by the RCMP and by government. The Alien crap originated from “Canadas Finest”. Any questions, call me at 506 756 8687
    Werner Bock.

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