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Warren Beatty Famous Ex Girlfriends


Warren Beatty Famous Ex Girlfriends, Wow, you know you used to be a real asshole when your ex-girlfriend says nicer things about world class Lothario Jack Nicholson than she does about you. Michelle Phillips, former Mamas & Papas band member, said that ex-boyfriend Warren Beatty “was the love of my life,” but that they broke up because “he did not know how to treat women.” About Nicholson, a dude so skeezy that he knocked up Rebecca Broussard while he was still with the unassailable Anjelica Huston, Phillips said, “He was a lovely guy.

Charming, sweet, and fun to be with.” Michelle also called Beatty “passive aggressive” and said that while he was her “great love,” she prays for Warren’s current wife, Annette Bening, “every day! She can manage the guy, and I never could. He drove me nuts!”

Before he got married and became a squeaky clean family man, Warren was famous for boning his co-stars, who included Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, and Madonna. Tionna Tee Smalls was totally right, Most People Always Love The Person Who Shitted On Them. Believe That.

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