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Walmart Meat Recall


Walmart Meat Recall, British supermarket chain owned by Walmart said it had recalled corned beef that was found to have traces of a veterinary medicine meant for horses. The New York Times reported Wednesday the chain Asda said it had recalled Smart Price Corned Beef in which traces of phenylbutazone had been discovered. The drug is banned from consumer consumption, the Times said.

“Asda is recalling this product and anyone who has Asda Smart Price Corned Beef should not eat it,” the store said in a website posting.

The store said it had recalled the tainted beef in March. The beef product had traces of horse meat that was revealed in lab tests to have very low amounts of the drug, which is more commonly known as bute.

Asda also said it was recalling a second beef product that was found to contain horse meat. Although no traces of bute had been found in the second product, it was being recalled as a precautionary step, the company said.

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