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Transgender Woman Wins Idaho Primary


Transgender Woman Wins Idaho Primary, Melissa Sue Robinson, the first transgender person in America to ever win a State Senate or any Primary not only accomplished this against a popular Democrat and activist, but she also did this in Idaho’s district 12.

District 12 is the entire City of Nampa Idaho, is located in Canyon County, which is not only the most conservative Republican County in all of Idaho, but is home to approximately ten Mormon Churches, and Northwest Nazarene University. Given that fact you would think that a transgender Democratic candidate would have her hands full in winning the general election against a prominent Republican attorney and former Canyon County Commissioner Todd Lakey, but district 12 citizens seem to be tired of not having their voice heard in Idaho’s mostly Republican legislature.

Robinson is running on a ticket that not only stresses the repeal of Idaho’s “Students Come First” law’s also known as the Luna Law’s (*named after Idaho’s Superintendant of Education, Tom Luna.) Mr. Luna was named Mitt Romney’s education advisor and is a Mormon. Tom Luna also has a recall campaign against him. Democrats like Melissa Sue are fighting this law according to her because it trades teachers for computers in order to take money away from education.

Robinson’s platform also includes an attempt to get a “bus rapid transit” district from Idaho’s Canyon to Ada County. This would be along Interstate 84 from Caldwell ID. to Boise. It’s her attempt to reduce traffic along this accident prone corridor. Last of all Robinson supports the “add the words” campaign that has been fought for years in the State Legislature.

This campaign asks for the words gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation to be added to Idaho’s Human Rights Law, and has been shot down by Idaho Republicans every time it has came before the Senate. Republicans not only won’t vote yes for the proposal, they won’t even read it before the House and Senate. Melissa Sue Robinson is among a growing number of transgender political candidates in America and hopes for her chance to win in November.

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