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The Price Of Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets


The Price Of Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets, How many free tickets does Peyton Manning get to the Super Bowl? The same amount as every other player on the Broncos roster: Two. That’s right, if you’re playing in the Super Bowl, you only get two free tickets to the game.

If you’re a Broncos or Seahawks player and you have more than two family members who want to attend Sunday’s final game of the NFL season, you’re not completely out of luck. According to the Denver Post, players can purchase up to 13 more tickets to the game, but they have to pay face value for them. That could cost a player anywhere from $800 to $1,500 per ticket. Thirteen tickets at $1,500 a pop comes out to $19,500.

If you’re a player, it’s not cheap to get your family and friends in to the Super Bowl. As Peyton’s ticket broker this week, Eli Manning was probably spending some serious cheese.

The Broncos and Seahawks aren’t the only two teams in the NFL that are given Super Bowl tickets. The league distributes tickets to all 32 teams.

Denver and Seattle are each allotted 17.5 percent of the tickets to the game — or 35 percent total. This year, that amounts to almost 14,500 tickets for each team in the 82,566-seat MetLife Stadium. Those tickets will go to players, front office members and even some season-ticket holders, who will all pay face value.

As the host teams for this year’s game, the Giants and Jets are each given a 3.1 percent allotment of the tickets to the Super Bowl. The other 28 teams in the league are each given 1.2 percent of the tickets to the game.

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