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The Biggest Loser 2014


The Biggest Loser 2014, Welcome to week twelve of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Second Chance on Life. We kick off the show at the end of last week’s show as Alison announces they are heading to the Olympic Oval in Utah.

On the airplane, they are all excited as they show off how much seat belt they have left as compared to when they were flying to the ranch. They arrive in Utah at the training center and are greeted by Dolvett who introduces Apolo Ohno. Apolo talks to them about his first tryout for the Olympics and how his father pushed him to keep trying. Then it’s inside for a workout with Dolvett and encouragement from Apolo. Jay is the first one to speak to us about his fear of being away from the ranch and their normal routines and how it might show up on the scale.

Back at the hotel, our contestants talk to each other about their fear of being away from their normal routine. Rachel show Jennifer that she prepared all her food and snacks before leaving the ranch.

We are whisked back to the Oval where they are greeted by Alison who announces they will be curling and introduces them to the U.S. Curling Team. Alison tells them there will be two heats of four players each. The first two players in each heat to get to three points will move on to the finals. First player to get three points in the finals wins the challenge. The winner will receive $5000 in cash. First heat is Rachel, Bobby, Jay and Jennifer. Jay says his strategy is to not win the challenge, just in case he loses the weigh-in. Bobby is first to make it to the finals, followed by Rachel. Jay and Jennifer are out. Second heat Chelsea and David get the first point, then David gets his second, followed by Chelsea. David makes it to three, followed by Chelsea. In the final heat, David and Chelsea score the first points, followed by Bobby. Chelsea makes her second score. Bobby gets his second point. Rachel get the third point and wins the money. Sour grapes for those on the bench who are now saying she has a target on her back now. Bobby tells us that with all Rachel’s wins, she is at risk of being sent home if she ever falls below the yellow line. Jay tells us that everyone is “upset” and there are now “bad vibes” in the house.

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