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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening, There are several things we can blame Hollywood for. Jennifer Aniston. Ryan Seacrest. And our abiding obsession with achieving blindingly white teeth (and why? It didn’t go all that well for Ross). The great myth that has grown up around this obsession is that whitening one’s teeth will help achieve the Hollywood smile. Let’s settle this, once and for all: it will not. The only thing that will achieve the Hollywood smile is veneers, like Emily Blunt.

That said, it’s been a while since I’ve had my teeth whitened, so when the good folks at Harvey Nichols got in touch to see if I’d like to try out their brand new Pearlys Teeth Brightening Bar, I thought, why not? (The tiny why not in the back of my head was, of course: because tooth whitening wears away at the enamel on one’s teeth and, let’s face it, never lasts that long.)

Pearlys is a new addition to Harvey Nichols’ beauty floor – where it sits alongside previously-reviewed Omorovicza. It’s got a small floor space; a counter with two teeth whitening stations for express treatments and a stash of at-home products including their Teeth-Brighten Powder (which, while I can not vouch for its efficacy in terms of whitening, makes teeth feel cleaner than ever before) and the Teeth Whiten Pen, both for weekly use.

Treatment is simple: teeth are brushed using a small amount of Teeth-Brighten Powder and then a pre-filled tray containing non-peroxide whitening gel is inserted into the mouth – and you sit for your 20 minutes in front of a cold LED light awaiting your transformation.

This is possibly the worst part of the treatment; while it may all seem fine and dandy to have your teeth whitened on the ground floor of a department store (to whom, I hear you ask, does this seem fine), in the harsh LED of day, this is more than slightly embarrassing. For one, you look MAD. For two, you drool – or, rather, I drool. Maybe not everyone drools. I drooled a lot. Handily, I was offered several tissues to mop my drool with although, while helpful, it didn’t help with my dignity problem.

As you can see, I saw a big change in my teeth – almost 10 shades brighter on their handy little scale, where creepy little ceramic teeth are held up against your own teeth to tell you just how white (or not) they are. What did worry me slightly was that the increased brightness of my teeth highlighted the staining between my teeth (not good) and the opacity of my teeth seemed to have increased – which is the main thing that would prevent my becoming a regular teeth-whitener.

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