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Ted Bundy Confessed 30 Murders


Ted Bundy Confessed 30 Murders, The one-time attorney of the notorious murderer Ted Bundy has penned a memoir detailing the disturbing conversations he had with the killer before he was executed in 1989.

Seattle attorney John Henry Browne represented Bundy in the 1970s, a time when he had unparallelled access to one of the darkest minds of the 20th century.

‘Ted told me things that hes never told anybody,’ Mr Browne told Q13Fox. ‘He told me he killed more than 100 people, and not only women.’

Ted Bundy confessed to killing 30 women in seven states before he was executed by electric chair on January 24, 1989.

He was known as a charming man, who earned the trust of his victims before luring them to a secluded place to murder them. He would also enter the rooms of sleeping college students and bludgeon them to death.

Traveling across state lines, he was known to prefer female victims with long, dark hair, parted down the middle.

At the height of his murder spree, female college students disappeared at a rate of one per month.

But in a shocking claim, Mr Browne said that Bundy told him his first victim was a man. ‘Thats never been known,’ Mr Browne said to Fox.

The attorney said he found it very difficult to return to the Bundy case, as his conversations with the brutal rapist and murderer haunted him.

‘Its too creepy,’ he said. ‘I didnt want to visit those dark places again.’

Before Bundy’s death, he signed a release saying Mr Browne could publish the information he shared with him.

‘I actually kind of got more scared of him after putting things together the last couple of years of writing about it,’ he said.

The bombshell book claims that Bundy ‘chose’ Mr Browne to represent him after he researched the attorney’s life.

‘He knew where I lived, he knew what kind of clothes I had, he knew what kind of cars I had,’ Mr Browne said.

Mr Browne said that a chilling coincidence led Bundy to find him: Mr Browne’s girlfriend, who looked similar to Bundy’s victims, was murdered and her killer never found.

‘My girlfriend when I was in law school was murdered in Berkeley,’ said Mr Browne to Fox.

Bundy was in a different part of California at the time, but the startling similarities and unanswered questions still concern Mr Browne.

Mr Browne has since made a living working on challenging cases; he is currently defending Staff Sgt Robert Bales, the U.S. soldier accused of murdering 16 Afghan citizens (mostly women and children) in an incident known as the Kandahar massacre.

However, it is important to understand that Mr Bundy confessed and denied he committed different murders to different people, making it difficult to trust his testimony.

Since he killed before DNA analysis was readily available, it was difficult to match the murderer with his victims.

His thirst for blood as well as his ability to fool officials resulted in two escapes from official custody.

Mr Browne recalled one time, after Bundy escaped from a Colorado prison, the murderer called him while on the lam.

Pretending he was ‘Mr Rosebud,’ Bundy phoned Mr Browne from a Florida jail, where police officers had placed him under arrest for stealing a vehicle, unaware they had arrested one of the FBI’s most wanted men.

As his attorney, Mr Browne would not have been able to reveal Bundy’s identity.

‘Most sociopaths never admit theyre evil at all. Ted really knew he was evil. Evil, evil, evil. And, believe me, really evil.’

‘As a lawyer, Im not allowed to do that,’ he said, and grappled with one of the worst ethical dilemmas of his career, afraid that if police did not recognize their inmate, ‘he would probably kill other people.’

Luckily, officials did identify Bundy and he was tried and convicted for his crimes.

The most horrifying thing to Mr Browne, however, was that unlike other sociopaths who do not understand right and wrong, Bundy knew what he was doing.

‘Most sociopaths never admit theyre evil at all,’ said Mr Browne. ‘Ted really knew he was evil. Evil, evil, evil. And, believe me, really evil.’

Details about the book, such as its title and when it will be published, were not available by deadline.

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