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Surprising Things Lottery Winners Buy


Surprising Things Lottery Winners Buy-> Imagine winning a princely £1million in the lottery – what would you splurge your newly found fortune on? Hot tubs and snooker tables: Top items bought by National Lottery winners revealed, Lottery millionaires will splash their cash on hot tubs and walk-in wardrobes for their dream house, new research by Camelot has revealed.

About half of winners move within three months of scooping a big prize, according to 100 who won £1m or more on the National Lottery. National lottery operator Camelot found that 29% of winners bought a hot tub for their home, while 28% installed a walk-in wardrobe.

After bagging their millions, nearly a quarter of people (24%) put up electric gates, one in five set up (22%) a games room and 17% bought a snooker table.

New pets made their wishlist too, with just over a fifth (22%) buying a dog and 4% getting a cat.

Some 16% were able to afford a gym in their home and about one in 10 (12%) toasted to their good fortune with a new champagne bar. Surprisingly, only 30% of millionaires have a cleaner, but 24% keep their fingers clean by employing a gardener friend. One millionaire even bought a wishing well after their windfall and another admitted to having three pianos in their luxury abode.

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