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Stevie J And Joseline


Stevie J And Joseline, As if there wasn’t already enough heat on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Joseline took a pregnancy test in just the second episode of the season, and by the end of the episode, the show seemed to suggest that Stevie J was the one who got Joseline pregnant. Whether or not that’s really the case, well, you’ll just have to wait till next week to find out.

But anyone already upset with the show certainly won’t be happy with what transpired after Joseline’s pregnancy test (which seemed like either award-winning camera work by the cameramen inside that bathroom stall or purely artificial drama by the producers of the show).

When Joseline showed Stevie J the pregnancy test, he seemed to suggest-without ever actually saying it-that Joseline might want to consider getting an abortion.
“We got work to do. You’re supposed to handle this off the rip. right? We got photo shoots coming up. You’re gonna be throwing up all over the place.”
When Stevie asked Joseline whose baby it was, she was coy about giving him an answer, before finally saying, “You really wanna know? I ain’t f****d nobody for the last six months but you.”

So cheating scandals, pregnancies, and veiled abortion talk all within two episodes of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?” Something tells me that petition to boycott the show will have a lot more signatures soon.

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