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St. Agnes Patron Saint Of Young Women


St. Agnes Patron Saint Of Young Women, St. Agnes – Patron Saint of Young Girls
Feast Day – January 21
Emblem – Lamb (symbol of purity and innocence)
Died c.305

St. Agnes
Courageous Teenager
Long ago there was a beautiful thirteen-year-old girl named Agnes, who was put on trial for being a Christian. At the trial, the judge described the comfortable life she would have if she gave up her faith and married. Agnes said no. The judge threatened her with torture.

Agnes still said no. So the judge had her taken to the altar of the goddess Minerva to offer a gift. Agnes made the Sign of the Cross instead. The judge condemned her to death. It was said that she went to her death more cheerfully than others go to their wedding. Agnes knew she would be going straight to God.
How we honour St. Agnes
This saint is one of the best-known early martyrs. Her memory is kept alive in the First Eucharistic Prayer of the Mass. The Roman Emperor Constantine built a church in her honour over her tomb. She is the patron saint of young girls.
St. Agnes, nothing could make you turn your back on Christ. Help me to have your courage in the face of trials and temptations.

Excerpt taken from “Saints Galore”, by Grace Dumelle, Roman Inc., c1992.

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