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Sons Of Anarchy Season 7


Sons Of Anarchy Season 7, It was shocking to see Gemma lose control the way she did on the season 6 finale. While Tara wasn’t a favorite among viewers because of her choices, she did end up not handing over any evidence and was not going to testify against him and the club after all. So what will happen when season 7 of “Sons of Anarchy” airs? Will Jax find out that it was Gemma who brutally murdered his wife or will she allow her son to go to prison for a crime she committed? If he finds out then how will this affect their relationship? On Dec. 20, Breathecast speculated on what may happen when the show returns.

Gemma has always held on a little too tightly to her son and while she does love him very much, there is a lot of control and manipulation to get him to do what she thinks he ought to do. This includes his relationships with women. Even though Tara’s murder was not premeditated, it was that control that played a part in Gemma losing her cool and brutally killing her daughter-in-law. Of course she justified it, like she does with everything and said that it had to be done. Then she found out that Tara had not ratted after all and she had a look of shock and guilt on her face. But this guilt won’t make her come forward. She knows how much Jax loves Tara and will not risk losing her son’s love, respect or trust. She will most likely try to act shocked at the news of Tara’s death and she may be able to pull that off for a bit since Juice disposed of the evidence for her and killed Roosevelt, who was the only other person that knew that she was the one who killed Tara.

Since season 7 is supposed to be the last, the writers will want to answer questions and resolve issues. All of the loose ends need to be wrapped up and it needs to end with things being resolved. This means that Jax needs to find out the truth, that his own mom was the one who took Tara’s life and cruelly left the body laying there for Jax to discover when he came home. What she didn’t realize is that Patterson would come to Jax’s house so he could turn himself in. As fans remember, she looked at the scene and saw Roosevelt dead on the floor, his blood already coagulated, Jax holding his dead wife’s body and his gun laying on the floor. There is speculation that Patterson will arrest Jax for the murders, but rumors state that he will be exonerated due to lack of evidence.

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