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Smelly Children Note New York


Smelly Children Note New York, YOUR children are “dirty” and they smell bad, a preschool teacher has written in a note she sent home with three and four-year-old children who live in an underprivileged neighbourhood.

In an ‘urgent’ note the teacher asks parents to take action over the “soiled, stained” clothes she alleges they send their children to school in, making them “unclean” and giving off “unpleasant” smells.

Furious family members have hit back, saying the note taught hatred and have challenged the teacher to show compassion in a community where almost 30 per cent of the population live below the poverty line.

The unnamed female teacher at the Build Academy in Buffalo, New York State, sent a photocopy of her handwritten note headed “URGENT NOTICE!!! Please Read”, asking parents to sign it as an indication they had read it.

The note said: “Several children aged 3-4 are coming to school (sometimes daily) with soiled, stained, or dirty clothes. Some give off unpleasant smells and some appear unclean and unkempt.

“It is a health and safety concern. It also makes it difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them. Enough said.”

Kimberly Wells, grandmother of a student, said the teacher was “teaching the kids how to segregate other kids”.

“That’s not right,” she said. “That’s not what we’re in school for.

“The first thing my granddaughter asked me was, ‘does my teacher think I stink?’ I told her, ‘no, you don’t’.

“She could have called the parent on the phone. She could have had a meeting at the school face-to-face.

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