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Shayanna Jenkins Aaron Hernandez


Shayanna Jenkins Aaron Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez and his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins were together on the night that Odin Lloyd was murdered but did Jenkins know that her boyfriend killed him? On July 9, Yahoo! News reported some new details in the case that suggest that Jenkins might have known what her beau was up to.
According to the new report, Jenkins was seen on surveillance video walking into the couple’s North Attleboro home late at night with Aaron as he carried a gun by his side. A third person — a male — was also with the couple just hours before Odin Lloyd was murdered about a mile away.

Aaron Hernandez and his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins have been together since high school but questions remain about just how “close” the two were. Did Jenkins know about Hernandez’s “double life”? It is unknown if she is still being questioned by police but many believe that she will be taking the stand during Aaron’s trial — and that she may even testify against him.

Another interesting tidbit uncovered today was that Jenkins began crying when police informed her that Odin Lloyd had been killed. Was she surprised or was she just playing along? These questions will hopefully be answered in the coming weeks.

Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins could have played a much bigger role in all of this but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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