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Shannon Baker Returns $4,000


Shannon Baker Returns $4,000, A pregnant woman from Merrillville, Ind., made an honest decision when she returned the $4,000 she’d found in a parking lot.

Shannon Baker, 27, and her husband could have used the money found on July 5, WLS reported. Both were out of work at the time, and Baker was nine months pregnant. But the 27-year-old brought the money to the police instead.

Authorities then contacted a local newspaper, the Times of Munster, about the lost money, FOX 32 News reported. A few days later, a woman in her 70s responded, and was able to name the exact amount and denomination of the bills. She also produced a receipt from the check she’d cashed, police told the Times.

“[The woman] came to my house and she was almost in tears thanking me,” Baker told WLS. “She gave me a hug and an envelope with a small amount in it.”

Police told Baker it wouldn’t have been illegal for her to keep the $4,000. But she said she wanted to set an example for her daughter, who was with her when she found the cash.

“For me, it was to teach my daughter honesty and morally showing what I was taught growing up,” she told FOX 32. “To be honest about what you do.”

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