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Sarandon Sexual Assault


Sarandon Sexual Assault, We often hear the common story of the “starving artist’ regarding an actor’s rise to fame, but we rarely hear about that one shady audition that comes out of a Lifetime film. In an interview Oscar winning actress Susan Sarandon described a sexual assault during her early days trying to break into the entertainment industry as an actress.

In the latest November issue of Elle Susan Sarandon talked about being sexually assaulted during an audition in New York.

The Huffington Post obtained a quote from the interview where Sarandon describes the incident.

“It was not successful — for either of us,” Sarandon says. “I just went into a room, and a guy practically threw me on the desk. It was my early days in New York, and it was really disgusting. It wasn’t like I gave it a second thought, it was so badly done.”

Complex reported that Sarandon remained tight-lipped about what role or project she was auditioning for.

Back in 2010 the actress launched a worldwide petition to get the attention of state governments in order to get “Safe Harbor” laws that protect victims of sex trafficking. She stars in Cloud Atlas alongside Tom hanks, which releases in theaters later this month on October 26.

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