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Sally Field Amazing Spiderman


Sally Field Amazing Spiderman, Martin Sheen and Sally Field had never worked together before landing the iconic roles of Uncle Ben and Aunt May in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” But the actors share long and legendary careers in both film and television.

Field shot to young stardom in the 1965 series “Gidget,” became a household name two years later in “The Flying Nun,” and has won Oscars (“Places in the Heart,” “Norma Rae”) and Emmys (“Sybil,” “Brothers & Sisters”).

Sheen guest starred on practically every TV show made in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, made an unforgettable leap into films as a nasty, subway-riding delinquent in “The Incident,” had starring roles in “Badlands” and “Apocalypse Now,” and the lead in “The West Wing.”

Field and Sheen sat next to each other in New York recently to chat about the “Spider-Man” reboot. They seemed to be having a ball.

Q: Were either of you familiar with the comic book?

FIELD: I never read “Spider-Man.” I read “Little Lulu.” I was a real comic book freak when I was a kid. But they were the girl ones, like the Archie comics. But my brother, who is a world-renowned physicist and is a few years older than me, read “Spider-Man” and he’s excited about this movie. He feels that finally, I’ve arrived.

SHEEN: I didn’t read “Little Lulu.” I was a big movie fan when I was a child, but I did read Sluggo and Nancy and the Archie comics. My passion was movies, so I missed the Spider-Man comics.

Q: At this point in your careers, how do you feel about seeing yourself onscreen?

FIELD: I don’t like watching myself. I’ve never liked watching myself.

SHEEN: I like watching you.

FIELD: Thank you. I know a lot of actors who have difficulty watching themselves, but now, as I’ve reached an age, it’s really hard to look at yourself (laughs). So I may not ever see this movie. It’s in 3-D, for God sakes. I wasn’t good with myself on a television screen.

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