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Russell Crowe Splits


Russell Crowe Splits, Russell Crowe’s reported split from wife Danielle Spencer is still the stuff of rumors — but there’s one rumor a certain Damian Whitewood would like to shut down right now. The “Dancing With the Stars” pro is not the “other man.”

“Everyone wants a piece of what’s been going on between Russell and Danielle,” Whitewood told “Entertainment Tonight,” “and I’m just kind of stuck in the middle.”

He and Spencer were partnered on the Aussie version of the dance show, finishing in the runner-up spot back in June. They were also photographed socializing outside the show, looking rather chummy. But Whitewood cautioned folks not to read too much into that. He said they absolutely did not have an affair.

“As a cast, you go out together as a cast. We never went out together solely. It was as a cast, we’re all socially out together.”

He said he’s reached out as a friend to Danielle since hearing about the split. “As a friend, I’ve reached out to her to make sure everything’s fine and hope you’re doing as well as you possibly can in this situation.” He said he’s been in touch with Russell as well.

So what’s next in the soap opera?

“It’s their personal life,” he said, “they need to go through it and deal with it themselves….”

“It’s for them to sort out. I just don’t want to be a part of it.”

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