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Ron Woodruff Hiv Story


Ron Woodruff Hiv Story, The shocking images of a skeletal Matthew McConaughey’s extreme weight loss for his latest film role have stunned the world.

But for two women in Texas they are almost unbearable to look at.

Sharon Woodroof Braden, 70, and Yvette Carroll, 42, have had years to try to come to terms with the agony of losing Ron Woodroof – Sharon’s brother and Yvette’s father to AIDS.

But McConaughey’s astonishing physical transformation to tell Ron’s courageous story in The Dallas Buyers Club means they will soon see his brave battle relived on the big screen.

These exclusive photos of Ron, who is described as a heterosexual, homophobic electrician, as he fought the disease show just what a remarkable resemblance McConaughey has achieved for his portrayal.

Speaking from her home in Como, Texas, Sharon said: ‘It’s very hard to see. I don’t go on the internet.

‘It’s hard to look back whenever you’ve lived through it; it’s really hard to look back at something like that. So I don’t look at the pictures that much.

‘The pictures of Matthew are breathtaking though. They look so like what Ronnie looked like when he was sick and how the disease progressed.

‘Matthew is definitely looking like he’s gone down that path. His eyes, that is the main thing, the way he is doing his eyes.

‘I’m not looking at his body as much as his face and his face certainly taken on the look of someone with AIDS. Matthew is so in character it is unreal.’

Ron – who Sharon and Yvette affectionately call Ronnie – was an extraordinary character who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and given just six months to live.

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