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Rev. Thomas D. Williams Bio


Rev. Thomas D. Williams Bio, Father Thomas D. Williams LC, an American Moral Theologian, is a theology professor at the Regina Apostolorum University in Rome and Consultant on Vatican affairs for CBS News. In this capacity, Father Williams covered the U.S. Papal visit of Pope Benedict XVI in April, 2008 and the Pope’s trip to the Holy Land in July, 2009. From 2004 to 2007 Williams worked as Faith and Religion Analyst for NBC and MSNBC News, and during this time he appeared regularly on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Dateline, and MSNBC’s Ethical Edge. He has also worked extensively for Sky News in Britain covering Church and ethical issues. For both NBC and Sky News, Williams covered the final illness and death of Pope John Paul II, the 2005 papal conclave and the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Thomas Williams grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and studied finance and economics at the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelors degree in business administration and managerial economics with high distinction. Shortly afterward, in September, 1985, he entered the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ and for the next nine years studied Catholic spirituality in Cheshire (Connecticut), classical humanities and ancient and modern languages in Salamanca (Spain), and philosophy and theology in Rome. Williams was ordained a Catholic priest on November 25, 1994 in Mexico City.

In that same year, Father Williams was appointed superior of the community of the general directorate of the Legionaries of Christ in Rome and served in this position for six years. During this time he continued his graduate studies, obtaining a licentiate degree in Philosophy and a doctorate in Theology summa c*m laude. In 2000 he was named dean of the Theology School at Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, a post he held from 2000 to 2007. At Regina Apostolorum Williams teaches courses in Moral Theology, Catholic Social Thought, Dignity and Human Rights, Conscience, and Christology. He is also senior fellow at the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology in the United States and a member of the Pontifical Academy of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Williams has taught in various capacities in Trujillo (Peru), Leggiuno (Italy), Caracas (Venezuela), Krakow (Poland) and Madrid (Spain). In 2002 and 2003 he served as theological consultant to Mel Gibson for the making of the film The Passion of the Christ.

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