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PTSD Service Dogs


PTSD Service Dogs, What is PTSD?
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can occur after you have been through a traumatic event. During this type of event, you think that your life or other’s lives are in danger You may feel afraid or feel that you have no control over what is happening.

Anyone who has gone though a life-threatening even can develop PTSD. These events can include:

Combat or Military Exposure
Child sexual or physical abuse
Sexual or physical assault
Serious accidents, such as a car wreck
Natural disasters, such as a fire, tornado hurricane, flood, or earthquake
After the even, you may feel scared, confused, or angry. If these feeling don’t go away or they get worse, you may have PTSD. These symptoms may disrupt your life, making it hard to continue with your daily activities.

PTSD Service Dog Training
Canines 4 Hope can create Customized Training Programs for PTSD Service Dogs to help those who are suffering and living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD Dogs are trained to:

Assistance in a medical crisis
Provide treatment related assistance
Assistance in coping with emotional overload
Perform security enhancement tasks
A Specially Trained PTSD Dog can provide a sense of security, calming effects, and physical exercise that can make a positive difference in the life of those that suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Like all assistance dogs, a psychiatric service dog is individually trained to do work or perform tasks that mitigate their handler’s disability. Training may include providing environmental assessment (in such cases as paranoia or hallucinations), signaling behaviors (such as interrupting repetitive or injurious behavior reminding the handler to take medication, retrieving objects and guiding the handler from stressful situations. PTSD Service Dogs can Literally Change the Life of a Veteran or other persons with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD Service dogs can help a Veteran remain calm by preventing people from crowding around or rushing up behind in public places which will provide a comfortable space for the Veteran or PTSD sufferer.

PTSD Service Dogs can:

help adjust serotonin levels
help lower blood pressure
help with episodes of depression
provide companionship
preventing people from crowding around or rushing up on their handler
Canines 4 Hope has been training PTSD Service Dogs in Florida and across the country for over 20 years. Call Us 1-772-631-4931

Jenny’s Story
PTSD Service Dog

Hello, my name is Jenny.

I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been confined to my home for the past 18 months. I take several medications for my disability but none of them help me overcome the fear of being alone in a public place. The simple task of going to the supermarket for some milk would send me into a full blown panic attack. I needed to be accompanied by a friend anywhere I went. My life as I knew it made me very depressed. I found myself in a rut, I just didn’t know how to get out of until I met Jason the owner of Canines4hope. I was aware of service dogs helping the blind and hearing impaired but I never knew a service dog could help me with my situation. Jason explained to me that if I was matched with the right dog it could give me the confidence to try and overcome my disability.

Fortunately for me we found Kiera, a two year female German Shepherd rescue. Jason trained Kierra for PTSD and to alert me to my panic attacks.

Kierra has changed my life. There was an instant bond the first time we met. She has given me a new found confidence. Kierra makes me feel safe. She picks me up when I am feeling down, and motivates me to do things with her. She has helped me overcome my fear of being alone in public.
Since Kierra has come into my life everything has changed. I feel so much better about myself. My depression is much more manageable and guess what, I can go to the supermarket or anywhere else I would like to go by myself, and of course with Kierra.

It has been six months now since Kiera and I have partnered, and I am proud to say that I have re enrolled in school. The University has given me permission to bring Kierra to class with me.
Kierra and I go to school four days a week, and we take mass transit to get there.

I could not be happier with my decision to get a service dog. Thank you Jason Devito and Canines4hope. Your organization has given me a new lease on life and the courage to conquer and achieve new milestones.

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