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‘Property Brothers’: Behind The Scenes


‘Property Brothers’: Behind The Scenes, The twin stars of the popular renovation show say there’s a lot you don’t see on TV. ‘Property Brothers:’ Behind the Scenes, The recent allegations that “House Hunters” is fake got us thinking about the other show we’re mildly obsessed with on HGTV, “Property Brothers.” It features people who buy a fixer-upper and renovate it into their dream home with the help of twins Jonathan (the contractor) and Drew (the real estate agent) Scott.

The guys, 34, laugh off the idea that the show isn’t real. “Everything is genuine, and we keep it nice and transparent,” Jonathan tells Yahoo! Shine.

“We’ve had people watch the show and go on fact-finding missions,” he adds. “Every home is on the MLS or for sale by owner. You can go online and search, unlike some of these other shows showing houses that aren’t even for sale.” (One subject who appeared on “House Hunters” wrote on a blog, “You have to already own the house that gets picked at the end of the show.”)

“It’s so real, Drew doesn’t even have to hide the fact that he admits he goes to the spa while I work,” jokes Jonathan of his realtor brother who is never seen swinging sledge hammers or getting dirty in the renovation. (For the record, Drew says he used to help with tiling in early episodes.)

In a tidy 30 minutes on “Property Brothers,” potential buyers are shown a home considerably beyond their budget that has all of their ideal amenities like expansive granite countertops and steam showers, and then taken to two houses that need a major renovation. Cue the baffled “I just can’t picture how we could ever live here!”, the seemingly on-the-fly designs by Jonathan, Drew closing the deal for under asking price, and a super fast renovation before the credits roll and the buyers coo about how they never thought they could afford such a place.
But, in fact, the guys say each episode is filmed over about six months, and they have nine working construction sites at once.

“We work with a team of realtors within the city we’re in,” explains Drew. They help bring clients to the guys to feature in the show. (And sometimes they don’t know the premise of the show is that they’ll have to buy a fixer upper, which is why they always appear so reluctant to do so, he says.) He also has 12 researchers who help find properties.

Then Jonathan has to scramble to whip up designs to help the buyers choose between two houses. “It’s a little bit of pressure in order to turn it around to get an offer out,” he says. He spends 24-48 hours on each one, using “3D design software that is very pricey.” (Not to mention that his staff includes a 3D design expert and liaisons on each project whose sole job is to coordinate with all the vendors and tradespeople.)

On the show, it seems that the couple spends approximately 20 seconds deciding if they should dump their entire life savings into a house and put up with a renovation. That’s not just editing.

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