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Perfecter Fusion Styler


Perfecter Fusion Styler, Dixie Anderson made the Does It Work crew feel so welcomed in her home, even though she felt a little uncomfortable. Despite the fact she was going to be on TV, we asked Dixie to not fix her hair. That’s because she wanted us to test the Perfecter Fusion Styler. The commercial says it’s “the first and only hot styling tool that gives you both hands to effortlessly guide your style, giving you the results of these four styling tools with just one Perfecter Fusion Styler.” “My hair is thin and fine. It grows in a duck tail in the back – which makes it difficult to do at the hairline.

I have a terrible cowlick and it has started waving as I’ve gotten older through here. And, it doesn’t want to go where I want it to go,” Dixie said. We paid nearly $100 for it. That does include shipping and handling. Of the two settings, Dixie switches it to the lowest one. In a matter of seconds, the pilot lamp turns red and the Perfecter Fusion Styler is ready. “I usually start with the back. Right through here,” Dixie said. Dixie starts to work through her short hair, liking the way the tool moves. “You can take it and just roll it down the back of your hair where it’s short. It’s very difficult to use a curling iron where it’s really short at the bottom, through here,” Dixie said. She is able to use both hands with the Perfecter Fusion Styler. “It feels very warm.

But it isn’t uncomfortable,” Dixie said. Dixie says she normally uses a curling iron to create volume and curl. That said, she notices she has a different kind of “do” with this tool. “Oh that’s pretty good. It’s blending better than it usually does,” Dixie said. About five minutes later, Dixie is done. “It looks okay right now. But it doesn’t feel very firm, like it’s going to stay in place,” Dixie said. Does it work? “It works, but I don’t think that I would buy it,” Dixie said. We called Dixie and asked how her hair held up at the end of the day. She said her hair style only lasted three hours. And, her scalp was a little sensitive where she rolled the tool down her head. Dixie also was a little disappointed because she thought the tool would replace her blow dryer. We also tried the Perfecter Fusion Styler on one of our co-workers who has thicker hair. She said it worked well as a straightener. But she had a difficult time getting lift and curling it.

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