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Paul Walker’s Brother


Paul Walker’s Brother, Since Paul Walker died, Universal have been hard at work figuring out a way to complete ‘Fast and Furious 7’ while remaining sensitive to the late star’s family but also giving fans some sense of closure. The Daily Mail has reported that Paul Walker’s younger brother Cody has been approached to stand in for his deceased brother.

The way forward for director James Wan and all at Universal is tricky but with writer Chris Morgan working on the script and the July 2014 release date so far remaining unchanged, the plan to complete the film without one of its biggest stars needs to be quickly set in motion. Should Cody Walker step in and help out the production?

The family

With the funeral of Paul Walker only just having taken place, it still seems far too early to be discussing how Universal can move forward with ‘Fast and Furious 7’. However business is business and Universal are eager to keep milking their primary cash cow franchise for all that it is worth. What remains to be reported is how the family feel about the film going ahead without Walker. His daughter, his parents and his two brothers must all be considered before making any rash decisions and the writing out of Walker’s character Brian has to be handled sensitively and with all due respect to his grieving family members.

The fans

On the other hand, both Universal and the fans are desperate to see Walker again on the big screen one last time and a fitting way to do this would be to use as much of his already shot scenes as possible. Then there will be the task of completing other scenes with a stand in and potentially some digital face replacement. Cody Walker looks very similar to Paul and could be filmed from a variety of angles with very little need for digital tinkering and then only full face shots would need to be digitally rendered. Fans will then get to see Paul Walker’s final performance and ‘Fast and Furious 7’ can provide a fitting send off for the much beloved star.

Cast and crew

I’m having a hard time imagining how the cast and crew are feeling about all of this as it is; especially those who were very close to Walker will be finding all this very difficult to deal with. The idea of having his lookalike brother on set may make moving forward in the film an incredibly tough job. While the cast may find themselves acting alongside a man who is very similar to their friend, Cody Walker will also have the added emotion of knowing he is filling his brother’s shoes. I’m sure it will be a very eerie and upsetting experience for all involved. On the plus side, it will allow the creative team behind the franchise a lot of freedom with what they can achieve now that they have lost the irreplaceable Paul Walker.

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