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Parma Animal Hoarding


Parma Animal Hoarding, It is hard enough to comprehend what prompts some people to hang on to newspapers and scraps of aluminum foil several decades old. But why some hoarders choose to collect living pets truly boggles the mind.

FOX 8 Cleveland reports that hundreds of animals were discovered on Friday, living in deplorable conditions inside a home in the city of Parma, on the outskirts of Cleveland. Animal Control Officer Julie Kocik had visited the house the previous day, responding to a complaint, but had been refused entry by the owner.

Kocik returned Friday with a search warrant, accompanied by representatives from the Building Department, Service Department, and others. Inside the small house they found 33 dogs, six cats, some 200 birds, and several rabbits.

Kocik told reporters, “I’ve been with Parma for seven years, and this, so far, has been the worst. They are all living in filth.”

The dogs and puppies are said to have been in the worst condition. The animals were removed immediately and taken to the Parma Animal Shelter, where they are being treated for fleas and other curable skin conditions. They are mostly small breed puppies, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. In addition there is one adult New Foundland.

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