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Olympic Bell-ringing Mishap


Olympic Bell-ringing Mishap, Jeremy Hunt is an enthusiastic bell ringer who took part in the London moment on Friday when bells from around the country chimed for three minutes to usher in the 2012 Olympics. While the moment sounded lovely to the ears, the Culture Secretary definitely didn’t expect to ring the bell right off the handle on live television.

It could be said that bell ringing above the shoulder in a very forceful position is British and too much movement of the wrist could cause a mishap. Watching the excitement in London, the Culture Secretary’s bell flew off the end of the handle during live television and hit a bystander who also was ringing their bell. Checking to make sure the person wasn’t hurt, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was left red faced as he realized he was giving a little too much bell.

The incident has gone viral as the video has everyone laughing at the moment. With the bell in midair, the shock of Hunt’s face really does describe how everyone hopes this is the biggest accident of the next two weeks as that would be a relief for all.

Take a look at the bell ringing moment thanks to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt. All the bells in England rang to usher in the 2012 Olympics. Proud hosts, the English are ready to let the games begin.

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