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Obama Gangnam Style


Obama Gangnam Style, He is the President of the United States, but Barack Obama sure knows how to have a good time.

The President and his wife and First Lady, Michelle, were said to have had a right old party at his inauguration ball on Monday evening.

The important couple partied into the early hours at the White House with famous faces such as Katy Perry, Alicia Keys and John Legend – and it was the perfect opportunity for them to show off their dancing skills.

While the President proved he can do Gangnam Style just as well as Korean pop sensation PSY, the First Lady apparently took to the dance floor when BeyoncĂ©’s ‘Single Ladies’ came on.

And it seems the celebrities at the unforgettable bash weren’t afraid to let their fans know exactly what they were getting up to in the White House.

‘Teenage Dream’ singer Katy didnt leave the party until 3am, as she tweeted: “Just left the White House. All other parties from here on our will be judged unless they take place at the White House.”

Meanwhile, another singer in the form of Kelly Clarkson, who performed at Obama’s swearing-in ceremony that morning, tweeted just before midnight: “Just partied at the White House. I kid you not, Michelle Obama stood up and got the party started…seriously cool First Lady.”

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