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NRA’s School Solution


NRA’s School Solution, The National Rifle Association stunned Washington observers Friday when the group’s CEO announced a plan to install armed guards at every school in the country — its response to the Connecticut shooting last week that left 20 children dead. Wayne LaPierre called the idea the National School Shield program, which would rely on local police forces. It will be led by former Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.).

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said. “Would you rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away … or a minute away?”

LaPierre acknowledged police budgets across the country are stretched and urged Congress to “appropriate whatever is necessary” to fund the program. He said retired police and military could also be tapped to serve in the program, which he wants enacted in January.

“We can deploy them to protect our kids now,” he said. “We can immediately make America’s schools safer — relying on the brave men and women of America’s police force.”

During the lengthy press conference, LaPierre also blamed the media and video game industry for glorifying violence.

He did not take any questions from the press.

This is not the first time the NRA has pushed the idea of armed guards at schools. LaPierre said that the media “called me crazy” when he suggested the idea after the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.

Richard Feldman, former NRA lobbyist and president of the Independent Firearms Owners Association, said that he supports the NRA’s position, but that it will be criticized because of the messenger.

“The pushback is because it’s the NRA saying it, not what the NRA said,” Feldman said.

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2 Responses to "NRA’s School Solution"

  1. Ken says:

    people!! This is not a new idea!! its been in place for decades!!! SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS…… research NASRO!!!

  2. yorkieczar says:

    We have armed guards in banks why not in schools. Israel has had armed guards in schools for years. Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

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