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Nicole Weider & Cosmopolitan


Nicole Weider & Cosmopolitan, Successful model and Christian leader Nicole Weider has joined Victoria Hearst in a mission to require Cosmopolitan magazine to be sold exclusively to adults. Hearst is the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper publisher who built up the nation’s largest newspaper chain and who profoundly influenced American journalism.

One of Hearst’s many publications, Cosmopolitan magazine, has featured underage actress such as Selena Gomez and Dakota Fanning, and is under fire because of its explicit content.

In order to protect the development of young girls, Hearst and Weider urge that Cosmopolitan be wrapped in a non-transparent covering while on newsstands ahead of sale. Together, the pair have declared that the magazine needs to be responsible for their content by selling their publication to adults only.

“I am the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst and my father is the late Randolph Hearst,” explained the anti-Cosmopolitan mission founder in a press release. “About 11 years ago, I contacted Frank Bennack and the Board of the Hearst Corporation and told them that what they are publishing in Cosmopolitan magazine was pornographic.”

Hearst revealed that he had the support of two psychologists and counselors that agreed about the magazine’s adverse affects on young girls.

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