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Nicki Minaj Pregnant


Nicki Minaj Pregnant, As all know Nicki Minaj has been out of the spotlight as the soon to be mom is resting at home… Occasionally one can see her in public but eventually look for that not to happen… To father to be Lil Wayne has actually moved in with the princess of Young Money… The two seem to be bonding as becoming parents is a big deal… Recently label mate Drake shouted out Nicki Minaj…

Baby girl you are special, and going to make a great mother…

Nicki Minaj even responded and big up her soul brother… So nice to see her peeps showing love… Lil Wayne oldest child is also ready to become a big sister… Word is Nicki Minaj is having a girl and would like for the kid name to be “Nicki“… Who would believe years ago the one she found love with turn out to be Lil Wayne… That alone let’s all know that there is a soulmate for each one of us….

Lil Wayne recently has headed back to the studio… Hopefully he can get back to Nola roots… Many want some street fire instead of the pop sound… We know he will collab with his woman Nicki Minaj… The two shall make a few classic records… In a few months Nicki Minaj will bring a new one into this world… The hip hop world is ready for a new princess of rap…

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