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Niall McCann 100kg Anaconda


Niall McCann 100kg Anaconda, Would you love to befriend a wild elephant, or be charged at by a tiger? If so, perhaps Niall McCann’s job is just what you should be doing.

The biologist is real-life Indiana Jones type of adventurer who is hosting a new show titled “Biggest and Baddest.” In each episode he travels to an exotic location where he investigates various legends associated with dangerous animals.

“What I wanted to do as a biologist was uncover the secrets of these animals that no one really knows and investigate the elements of human-animal conflict that all of them are suffering. “

In the first episode McCann deals with 100 kg Anacondas that can eat 150% of their body weight. This means the Anaconda on the show can devour two grown men.

Of course, he has had many close calls throughout the years and after filming the series he couldn’t believe he was still alive. He was charged at by two tigers, at which point most people would run away scared, but he admits that he got really excited instead. The story was a bit different when an elephant charged at him. “I was petrified,” he says.

Yet, there are many rewarding experiences when it comes to working with animals. There was a moment when after a month’s work an elephant lifted McCann onto her back using her trunk. He describes this as probably the happiest moment of his life and a real bonding experience.

Besides exploring the world McCann is also busy earning his PhD. He has set up a link between his University in Cardiff and the Kathmandu University so that he can do ongoing research on the incredible population of elephants that are found there. Of course, he doesn’t forget about the special elephant that he befriended. He tells us that he wants to go back and see her again.

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