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NHL Owner Furious Over Racist Tweets


NHL Owner Furious Over Racist Tweets, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis rips some fans for their reactions to Joel Ward’s series-clinching goal. Capitals owner Ted Leonsis condemns racist fan reactions to Joel Ward’s Game 7 goal, Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals was born in Toronto to parents who migrated from Barbados. He used to hear racist taunts playing in youth hockey tournaments, but told the Washington Post this season that “I’ve [heard] nothing in the NHL.”

On Wednesday night, Ward scored the series-winning goal against the Boston Bruins in overtime of Game 7.

The kind of racist language that Ward had avoided throughout his NHL career bubbled to the surface like sewage on social media.

Some of the reaction collected by Capitals Outsider after Ward’s game-winner (Strong Language Warning):

“Hey Joel Ward!! You [expletive] spear chucking monkey, why don’t you actually DO SOMETHING. You’re totally irrelevant”

“How the [expletive] did Joel ward get out of my plantation? #WheresMyCotton”

“Warning to Joel Ward. Your one of three black guys in Canada. I will find you…and I will kill you.”

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