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Nazis Planned To Kill Churchill


Nazis Planned To Kill Churchill, A possible plot by the Nazis to use exploding chocolate to kill Winston Churchill during World War II has recently been discovered. As the Telegraph reports, the plan called for Adolf Hitler’s bomb makers to coat explosive devices with a thin layer of chocolate wrapped in fancy expensive looking black and gold paper in order to make it look like the Peters Chocolate brand of premium chocolates.

These explosive chocolates (capable of taking out anyone within several meters of the device) incorporated a thin piece of canvas that would trigger the explosion 7 seconds after a piece was broken off.

The next step of the plot, reports the DailyMail, involved having secret agents the Nazis had working in Britain to secretly place the sweetly disguised goodies in the dining room being used by the War Cabinet along with other fine luxury items.

British spies, however, foiled the exploding chocolate plot. The British found out the chocolate bombs were being produced and contacted Lord Victor Rothschild, one of MI5?s most senior intelligence chiefs. Rothschild typed up a letter from his secret bunker in Parliament Street, London, asking artist Laurence Fish to draw up a poster sized image of the chocolate bombs in order to warn the public.

Laurence Fish died in 2009 at the age of 89, leaving behind his wife, Jean Bray. This letter was recently discovered by Jean Bray, a journalist, while going through some of his possessions.

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