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Natalie Maines Divorce


Natalie Maines Divorce, Is Natalie Maines getting divorced – either from her husband, actor Adrian Pasdar, or from her country band the Dixie Chicks?

Natalie Maines, 38, released her first solo album, “Mother,” yesterday, spawning rumors that the Dixie Chicks are over. For some reason, rumors that Maines is getting divorce also sprung up.

Despite the rumors, the country star made it clear that she’s not done with either the Dixie Chicks or her marriage in a May 8 interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Although she agreed that the Dixie Chicks are “not a priority,” Maines had nothing but kind words for her band.

“The Dixie Chicks still exist. The music still exists,” Maines said. “I am open to playing live shows. It’s fun.”

“You know, I remember Glenn Frey told me once that he wished the Eagles had never officially broken up,” she added. “He looks back at that as kind of a silly thing to do. I always thought people broke up so they could make money on their comeback tour. That just always seemed like kind of a shady show-biz move to me.”

“So unless they want to get a new lead singer or there’s some big change, I don’t see any purpose in that,” she said

“To me, we’re the Dixie Chicks. We’ll always be the Dixie Chicks.”

Maines also mentioned her husband, Adrian Pasdar, in the interview, so it would appear that the two are not breaking up. Maines spoke about raising her children with Pasdar and keeping a low profile.

“It’s important to both of us that our kids are raised by us and not other people. Working seems more important to him, as far as completing him, and I don’t have that same thing,” she said.

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