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Natalie Giorgi


Natalie Giorgi, Natalie Giorgi died after biting into a dessert treat covered with a frosting that contained peanut butter.

The 13-year-old had a diagnosed peanut allergy, and her family was vigilant about avoiding peanuts, said family friends.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Kelly Brothers, a family friend who was part of a group of roughly six dozen friends camping together.

Brothers said Giorgi bit into a Rice Krispie treat that she didn’t know had peanut butter frosting.

Within 20 minutes, the teenager was vomiting and falling into anaphylactic shock, even as her father injected her with three EpiPens.

EpiPens are used to treat an allergic reaction.

“Her dad was a doctor and he couldn’t save her from one bite of a dessert. This is a lesson to all of us how serious these allergies are,” said Brothers.

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