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MSNBC Chris Matthews Fired


MSNBC Chris Matthews Fired, “MSNBC Chris Matthews Fired” became a popular search engine result late Tuesday evening. But is Chris Matthew being fired by MSNBC merely another trends hiccup or a conservative dream struggling to find life in reality?

Reports of MSNBC seeing Chris Matthews fired or canceled apparently started back in April of this year. Various websites claimed the Chris Matthews Show was canceled outright.

But what these websites failed to highlight is that Chris Matthew was not fired or canceled, he was simply shifting to a different schedule. Chris Matthews signed a long-term contract with NBC, while canceling his weekend program.

What Chris Matthews actually announced was this:

“I want “Hardball” fans to know that I’m signing a long-term contract with MSNBC to carry on a show we started back in 1997 based on a book I wrote in 1988. … The one adjustment I’m making is to pull back from the weekend “Chris Matthews Show.” There are limits to what I can do in a week. Henceforth, I intend to concentrate any time left over from “Hardball” on writing books.”

The other topic that may have led to the “MSNBC Chris Matthews Fired” trends hiccup is the firing of Phil Donahue. Chris Matthews was often mentioned in headlines related to the firing.

Still, this doesn’t keep people on Twitter from hoping MSNBC fired or cancelled Chris Matthews:

Did Chris Matthews really get fired? If so now he can just keep drinking instead of having to wait for commercial breaks.

— Barry Paul (@BPNewsNet) June 16, 2013

Chris Matthews Show cancelledmt RT The jerk of all jerks with NO RATINGS finally gets fired. Long Overdue

— Crystal (@crystal_night20) May 13, 2013

Then of course there’s the political opponents of Chris Matthews who wrote articles wishing he was fired. But we wouldn’t want to see President Obama cry again, now would we?

At this point you’re probably wondering what a “trends hiccup” is. Instead of explaining I’ll provide a recent example. When search engines incorrectly combined “Steve Irwin daughter” with news related to the 2006 death of Steve Irwin all of the sudden everyone thought Bindi Irwin had died. When search results such as “Steve Irwin daughter dies” began trending writers took notice and immediately began publishing. But, as everyone probably knows by now, Bindi Irwin is quite alive.

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