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Mitt Romney Journey Concert


Mitt Romney Journey Concert, The band Journey apparently didn’t get hired by the Mitt Romney campaign for their upcoming gig in Tampa for the Republican National Convention being held this week. On Sunday TMZ reported the band was paid big bucks by the Mitt Romney campaign to perform. Starting plenty of chatter on questionable funding, the campaign only a few hours later has debunked the rumor stating they did not pay for the band’s performance as it is not sponsored by the candidate.

Journey was arriving at the gig to perform music like any other concert. According to sources, the gig wasn’t political and isn’t even at the convention. With other stars entertaining at private functions it appears Journey isn’t the only entertainment in town. Kid Rock, Gavin DeGraw and the Zac Brown band will all be performing and none seem to be connected to the Mitt Romney campaign.

As the 90-minute set will definitely be entertaining for the fans to hear and one person everyone in the celebrity world will be looking for is Michaele Salahi better known as the White House crasher. Expected to arrive with her boyfriend Neal Schon of Journey maybe she will get the chance to have a photo opportunity with Mitt Romney too.

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