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Miley Wardrobe Malfunction


Miley Wardrobe Malfunction, The “We Can’t Stop” singer has been showing a TON of skin lately, but we don’t think even she meant to show this much. Miley had a bit of an embarrassing moment on June 29 when her top started to fall off at an event in Miami, Fla.
Forget twerking, it’s got nothing on going topless! Miley Cyrus almost had the most shocking moment of her career — like way more shocking than anything in the “We Can’t Stop” video — on June 29 when her skimpy top nearly popped off.

Miley surprised iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party prize winners in Miami, Fla. with a super exclusive listening party in a private penthouse, according to E!.

But the biggest surprise came in the swanky hotel room when Miley’s top started to fall off! Fortunately for her, one of the prize winners rushed in to help, re-fastening the top before it fell off completely. Girls stick together!

Unsurprisingly, Miley was hardly fazed by the near wardrobe disaster — she’s already used to showing a lot of skin, and she’s never really been one to care too much about what others think anyways. She laughed off the malfunction and reportedly gave her new, very helpful girlfriend a signed keepsake poster.

“Natalie! Twerk Bitch/Love, Miley/PS Sorry about da titties!” the note read, according to E!.

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