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Martin Freeman Plays John Watson


Martin Freeman Plays John Watson, Actor also calls the show, ‘writing for grown-ups, where you’re not having to cheat the audience’

Martin Freeman has revealed that he avoids putting comedy into his performance in Sherlock.

Speaking to the show’s co-creator co-creator Mark Gatiss in the Radio Times, the actor said that he doesn’t want to play Dr John Watson in an overly comedic way.

As an actor,” he said. “You know there are things you get asked to do that you do quite well, with less effort.

“Although theres an inherent light-heartedness to Sherlock, I slightly err towards not doing the comedy.

Freeman also revealed that he sometimes can’t tell if he’s playing it straight or not.

Sometimes I realise even when I think Im being dead straight, I look back and still think Im mugging!”

He adds: “But what I love about our John Watson is that even though there is humour in him, its a straight part, and its a straight programme.

“No one is a buffoon in it, and what I really like about it is that its writing for grown-ups, where youre not having to cheat the audience.

“Im purely trying to play this part the way I approach everything, which is to be truthful.

“I was trying to make Watson a feasible soldier, a feasible doctor. I wanted to give him a strength and a vulnerability.

* Sherlock: The Sign of Three is on BBC One at 8.30pm tonight, Sunday 5 January

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