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Lizard On Mars?


Lizard On Mars?, A blogger claims to have spotted a lizard in a photograph of Mars.

While studying a picture of the Red Planet taken by the Curiosity rover, an alien-hunter in Japan found something unusual between the rocks.

And while it might look like just another rock at first, squint your eyes and something very different seems to emerge – the shape of a lizard.

Or, if you have a good imagination, an actual one.

The picture (which is at least based on a real Nasa image) was first brought to conspiracy theorists’ attention in March, but after it was recently published on a popular English-language blog its fame has exploded.

Needless to say, it is essentially impossible that any lifeform of that size (especially one that looks so similar to lizards on Earth) could survive on the freezing, toxic surface of Mars. Nasa’s spacecraft on the planet have recently found conditions that suggest ancient microbial life was once possible – but that’s not quite the same thing, unfortunately.

Undeterred, UFO Sightings speculates that Nasa might be involved right from the start:

“With water existing on Mars in small amounts, its possible to find such desert animals wandering around…although very rare mind you. Then again, is Nasa placing animals from tiny cyogenic chambers inside the rover onto the surface of Mars to conduct tests?”

Lizard On Mars?

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One Response to "Lizard On Mars?"

  1. Ambrosia says:

    Every corner of the earth including most ethnicities have recorded lizard type beings visiting earth going back thousands of years.

    Millions today through research and 1st hand account stories from reputable people know these as a very advanced alien race (one type is called draconian) which reside just outside of our normal perception in the 4th density of reality.

    There are videos all over YouTube explaining their existence, and most alarmingly their advanced genetic capabilities. They are allegedly behind human abductions where they conduct experiments using beings they created called ‘grays.’

    They are soulless biological entities created to spend longer periods of time in 3rd density. (apparently it takes Reptilians enormous energy for them to spend time in our realm of 3d reality.)

    They feed on emotional energy including energy of 3d humans and animals being tortured and killed. In the 4th dimension, this is food for them. They also feed on sexual energy, and are literally found hovering right over us during times of orgasm, extreme pain, etc.

    It is said they are trying to build a human being that they can project their soul energy into so they can make the jump to the 5th dimension, a place they are unable to go because they possess too much negative (STS service to self) energy which keeps them out.)
    Humans on the other hand are capable of evolving to 5th dimension which only exists positive energy (no negative, no killing, no pain, no evil acts doing by beings residing there.)

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