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Liu Lingchao Is A Traveling Salesman


Liu Lingchao Is A Traveling Salesman, A travelling salesman in China has taken the idea of a portable home to the extreme after building himself a house he carries around on his back.

Liu Lingchao was fed up with getting wet in the rain so decided to build the unusual accommodation made out of bamboo and plastic sheets.

The 38-year-old lost his job five years ago and was then evicted from his home before he decided to hit the road in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province.

He says his portable home makes him ‘feel free’ and he now carries the 60kg structure wherever he goes in southern China while selling recyclable drink bottles.

‘I was fed up with getting caught in the rain all the time,’ he explained.

‘Even when I found a dry spot under a bridge or in an abandoned building there was often someone else there before me and I’d have to row to get to share it.

‘At one stage I was so fed up I built a house out of bamboo where I had some work as a labourer for a few weeks.

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